4 Questions You Should Answer Before Turning Your Van into Your Home


Do you think you’re ready to convert your van into your permanent home? Answer these questions first before you make a concluding decision that could change the next years in your life… or maybe your whole life!

How are you going to make money?

Earning money to fund your needs is probably one of the most common questions regarding this topic. Most of the time, the people living the van life work with a computer. They are usually a graphic designer, a writer, a blogger, a web developer, or a social media marketer. Some also sell products while others have to do labor once in a while. It’s different for everyone. The most significant part is that you have at least an idea of what you’ll do. You should also be confident that you can do it. Making money could be easier if you know how to be creative.

How much of a traveler are you?


Just because you love traveling doesn’t mean you should travel for the rest of your life. Living in a mobile home means there’s uncertainty. You may not know where you could and should stay tomorrow. Chances are, you’ll be moving from place to place and will be living most of your outdoors. If you are spontaneous, then it might be a good idea. If you need a plan every single time to stay sane, you might not like living in a mobile home. If you love traveling as much as 80%, then you could survive this kind of lifestyle. Dedication means a lot: the weather might not be in your favor; your van may break down in the middle of the road; you could get sick; your expectations may not be meant. Admittedly, there could be hindrances along the way. Fortunately, if you can roll easily with the ups and downs of life and pass through the twists and turns, then you will survive.

Can you handle dirt?


This question goes to those who are entirely organized at home; those who want everything clean. Half of your day you’ll probably spend outdoors. Are you ready to face the dirt, dust, sand, and more? Will you be able to accept if you can’t shower today? If you’re a clean freak, can you handle cleaning your van all the time? If you can’t handle getting dirty, you might have a problem living this kind of lifestyle. Personal hygiene is still a must unless you want to get sick, but if you think you know how to stay clean all the time with minimal resources, then by all means, get your woodworking tools and start converting your van now!

Can you live with only a few things?


Lastly, you should be able to have a minimalist lifestyle before making your van your home. A few clothes, two to three pairs of footwear, some tools, a small television—these are just examples. Everything in your van should serve a purpose. Otherwise, they’re just useless stuff occupying space. If you’re ready to live with only the necessary things, then you can handle the van life.