Essential Tips for Your Next Travel

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Create a checklist

List down all the things—from clothes and shoes to jewelry—you will bring with you for your travel. Don’t rely on your mental list. Even though you’re reviewing that mental list every day, there’s still a high chance that you could forget a few things when you’re packing. Ensure that everything you need from the first outfit to the last is also planned. Perhaps you’d like to check the weather forecast for the country or location you’re visiting to help you plan your OOTDs. Planning and having a list can make packing and travel a lot easier and less trouble-free.

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Entrust Your Plants to Someone

Do you have indoor plants at home? Aside from acquiring a lighting system from, it’s also a wise decision to have someone tend to your garden while you’re away. Although the lights are scheduled, your plants still need to be monitored.

Make photocopies of important documents

Don’t forget to photocopy your passport twice, leave a photocopy at home, and take one with you. Don’t place the photocopy and the passport in a single location. Also, you might want to make copies of your travel details.

Keep your family and friends informed

Inform them of your itinerary and don’t forget to call or keep in touch through chat. It’s essential for them to know where you are at the moment or where you’re headed. It’s for your safety, and it’s also a way to relieve them and stop them from worrying while you’re away.

Allocate money for everything

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To make sure you only spend enough and not all your money, allot money for meals, hotel, and travel expenses. Make sure you also have money for souvenirs and an emergency fund. There’s nothing wrong with bringing some extra cash with you, just place them in a secure location.

Get lost

Yup, you read that right! Travel around and explore places (safe and crowded ones, of course). Don’t be afraid to get lost. As long as your GPS is still working and there’s still signal, I’m sure you’ll find your way back. So go ahead and get lost!

Take photos

Take as many pictures as you can! Images bring back memories, and they’re an excellent way to reminisce good ones. You might even want to shoot videos to level up your game. Remember that selfies are good but focusing on the beautiful sceneries won’t hurt too.

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