Visiting The Old Sawmills


When you hear “sawmills,” what comes first into your mind?

Saws? Lumber? Woodworking?

You see, sawmills are not just about saws or lumber or woodworking. It’s about the beauty of nature, too!

Here’s why you should visit The Old Sawmills:

  • It’s stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement. Located in Cornwall, United Kingdom – right at its very own creek on Fowey River and within acres of woodland – The Old Sawmills is described to be stunningly beautiful. You can only access the place via a boat when arriving, but you can access the Saints Way footpath when leaving.
  • It’s a perfect setting to relax in. Whether you’re coming over for a week’s stay or just over the weekend, The Old Sawmills is the perfect setting for you to relax in. It simply has the refreshing ambiance of nature at its best – along with scenic views of the creek under the sun and an uber-green surrounding.
  • It has a rich history. Just like any other beautiful places in the world, The Old Sawmills – now a rare gem of a hotel and a lodge – has its fair share of rich history. Aside from being around since the medieval era, it was also part of a large family estate and thriving wood business back in the 1700s.

Check out to learn more about some of the tools being used in sawmills then and now.

  • It has lovely amenities. The Old Sawmills might be in a remote location, but it has everything people need and want from a five-star hotel or lodge. It has a conservatory, which allows you to have scenic views across Fowey River while eating. There is also a large kitchen area, as well as a barbecue terrace and patio, which is great for inviting friends over and for having family dinners.

Moreover, it has seven types of rooms – all of which allows you to have scenic views across Fowey River. The rooms also have furniture made out of oak wood and come with various features such as Victorian fireplaces, king-sized bed, forest view, water view, walk-in shower, and more.


Indeed, The Old Sawmills is not just your typical kind of weekend getaway destination. It’s also the kind of place where anyone from all walks of life would want to stay in at least once in their life. It’s the kind of place where you can simply appreciate the wood industry and what nature has to offer for locals and tourists alike at the same time.

Visit The Old Sawmills now!